Tommy Guerreo / Trevor Jackson – Dub Tunes

Tommy Guerrero is a Legend. A true activist, a pioneer, since the early 80’s he contributed to bring skateboard culture to today’s global inspiration. He mixed both his passions, music and skateboard to write his unique story.

Ed Banger records’ owner Pedro Winter who’s followed Guerrero’s carreer since 1989 has always dreamt of a collaboration with Tommy. He asked the multi task skater to dig into his cassette tapes and trip with his drum machines and DUB TUNES is the result, mixing post industrial noise, dub echoes and folk routines. To complete the EP he asked Trevor Jackson to come on board and rework 3 of the tracks in his own inimitable style.

Released on Edbanger records in Feb 2019 as a limited edition of 700 copies, the cover art is by American painter Joe Roberts (LSD Worldpeace).


A1. The Floating Lotus
A2. Reflections of Now
A3. Cosmosis
A4. Tomorrows Echoes
A5. Waiting on the Wind
AA1. The Floating Lotus (Trevor Jackson Version)
AA2. Reflections Of Now (Trevor Jackson Version)
AA3. Cosmosis (Trevor Jackson Version)



12" Vinyl

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