UK 92-93 Hip Hop Mixtape + Richard Russell

XL boss Richard Russell has teamed up with associate Trevor Jackson to curate a mix covering a range of hip-hop released between 1982 and 1993. The ‘UK Hip Hop 82/93 Mixtape’ is a salutary reminder what a diverse (not to mention downright odd) scene this was: Malcolm Mclaren/Buffalo Gals and Art Of Noise nudge up against Blade and Demon Boyz. Massive Attack, Blade and Derek B all feature.

Russell gave us the lowdown on the project: “I met an aspiring DJ and Graphic Designer called Trevor Jackson when we worked in Loppylugs Record Shop in Edgware together as teenagers. We bonded over a love of rap music, particularly anything British we could get our hands on. To celebrate that moment, a few months ago Trevor and I chose the records to go on an Eighties UK Rap mixtape. We did this live on uStream.We went into the early 90′s also as that period was especially good for British rap, leading into hardcore and rave. Since then I mixed everything, Trevor did the cassette inlay artwork, and we made a handful of tapes”.

Only fifty copies of the tape are in existence, some of which went on sale at the 2010 London Independent Label Market.

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