Skull – Black Static

“Mind-bogling, This collection of songs from 1996-200 features Krautrock, scary industrial grind and ‘Toxicity’ which sounds like lower than lo-fi promo dubstep. It might be a gloomy space to visit but the talent of Jackson demonstrates is dazzling” – Mixmag 9/10

“Beguiling and suprising – Extended claustrophobic introspection melts into wonderfully dirty drums, endless tidal crashes of balled up noise lead to dub rhythms and as the tension arpeggiates into a digital mash-out, sulking beats roll and scratch as if scraped off the feet of “Maxinquaye” – Electronic Sound

“For those of us that relished the sheer post-punk nastiness of Output’s 10” series from the mid 90’s – No wave beatscapes of the kind Jackson originally provided for the MO’Wax Headz comps and Kevin Martins seminal Macro Dub Infection Series. Essential” – the Wire

“Black perhaps a nod to the music`s complexity. Its absorption of all sound (as opposed to light). Pitched even further away from any obvious Hip Hop template. Other than the manipulation of samples to create something new. And taking Public Enemy`s Chuck D at his word, when he demanded, “Bring the noise!” – Ban Ton Ton

The fourth release on Trevor Jacksons Pre- Label is by SKULL. A visceral journey into experimental noise and no wave avant grade beatscapes.The last SKULL release ‘SNAPZ’ appeared on Jacksons own Output Recordings label in 1999. A seminal collection of tracks that had previously featured on the first two legendary Mo wax ‘Headz’ compilations (also featuring Autechre, Beastie Boys, Air, and DJ Shadow) as well as tracks that had also appeared on Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martins notorious Macro Dub Infection albums during the mid 90’s.

Reactionary sonic statements aimed at the coffee table world of Trip Hop, fuelled by his dissatisfaction and dissillustionment with Hip Hop of the time, Trevor pushed himself into uncomfortable and far more extreme areas than he had before areas he felt unable to explore with his Underdog productions, which were mainly being utilised for major label remixes at the time. Influenced as much by the industrial pioneers, post punk and new wave of the past as the burgeoning post rock scene in the mid 90’s, This new set of previously unreleased recordings originally produced between 1996-2000 are equally as intense and visceral as the early releases. Dusty samples,raw beats, tape loops, and primitive effects combine to sound as relevant now as when they were initially created.


A1. Black Static – 16:10
A2. Camazotz – 05:13
B1. Toxicity – 03:28
B2. Rent Yourself – 04:06

Edition of 250

All tracks written + produced by Trevor Jackson
Mastering by Frederic Stader at Music Matters Mastering.
℗ + © Pre-Recordings 2018 .


12" Vinyl

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