Solid Steel Radio Mix

I spend most of my time now actively searching for brand new music doing my very best to avoid the past, but for this mix decided to go back and delve through my vinyl collection for old music I haven’t listened to for ages, specifically 70’s jazz rock, fusion & strange funk, odd things that straddle genres, mostly European and also very representative of the kind of music I was totally obsessed by for many years during the early/mid 90’s . All these tracks are taken from albums I purchased during that time, things I dug out initially for strictly sampling purposes, but eventually grew to love, learn from & lovingly listen to in their entirety. Pre Youtube & Pre Discogs these tracks were stumbled upon via intense and lengthy record store & stall excursions, none of them purchased for large amounts of money, most for peanuts, and at a time when there were very few other people I was aware of interested in this stuff to gain knowledge from or share my discoveries with.

It’s been a pleasure searching through my shelves and getting a chance to rediscover them again, sitting here listening to them vividly reminds me of a precious time when I was able to retreat away from the real world for days on end in my tiny home studio, immersing myself in highly ingenious music played by some of the worlds finest musicians, painstakingly (& often clumsily) attempting to reconstruct it all into my own mutant creations.

This mix is dedicated to Ultima Thule, Honest Jon’s, Mole Jazz, Jazzman Gerald & Mark B

Solid Steel Radio

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